0. PlainA plain wing.SPICOMETER: safe 1/10
1. SawsonsideA plain wing, with your choice of flavour (or not) on the side.SPICOMETER: safe 1/10
2. Salt and PepperSimple but scrumptious, perfect for dipping.CLASSICSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Savoury
3. Salt and BaconMmmmmmm....Baaaccooonnn.....CLASSICSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlySavoury
4. Hy’s SeasonedIt was at LBW where, saddened souls happened upon Hy’s Seasoning, then happily sung songs of heart and salty soul.CLASSICSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Savoury
5. By the SeaJust salt and apple cider vinegar, if you want they are also great with pepper or lemon pepper crystals.CLASSICSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegan
6. Lemon Pepper DryYou know, with the crystals. Feel free to mix with the Tango below, for an extra lemony experience.CLASSICSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Tangy
7. Lemon Pepper TangoMade with real lemon juice, salt and black pepper. Great “zing” to mix with other or delicious by itself.CLASSICSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Tangy
8. Lime Pepper MamboMade with real lime juice, salt and black pepper. Great “zest” to mix with others or delicious by itself.CLASSICSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Tangy
9. BobcajunI was eating Bobcajun when I saw the constellations reveal themselves one wing at a time. This dry rub is great solo and mixing.CLASSICSPICOMETER: mild 2/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Savoury
10. Authentic All-DressedThe smack that others lack! BBQ based authentic All-Dressed Seasoning. All that but sans the bag o’ chips!CLASSICSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Savoury
12. Franks Dry!A seasoning from Franks Hot Sauce, that tastes like Franks Red, without a lot of the mess.CLASSICSPICOMETER: medium 4/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Spicy
13. Sriracha Dry!Another mind-blowingly flavourful seasoning to spice up your life with!CLASSICSPICOMETER: medium 4/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Spicy
15. Spicy Two DryThey aren’t messy at all, but they’ll mess you up!CLASSICSPICOMETER: death 10/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Spicy
17. Honey GarlicName says it all, sweet and saucey, mouth-watering goodness.CLASSICSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Vegetarian Sweet
18. Backyard BBQClassic BBQ sauce, with sweet and sour notes, and a little kick.CLASSICSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Vegan Smokey
19. Burnin’ BBQA boozey BBQ sauce, that’ll how should we say, ”Light up the hoop”.CLASSICSPICOMETER: hot 6/10Vegan Spicy Smokey
20. Smoked Out Sweet MustardCousin to our BBQ Sauce, this golden sauce boldly captures all of the flavours expressed in its name!CLASSICSPICOMETER: mild 2/10Vegan Smokey
21. TeriyakiClassic teriyaki. Sweet, saucy, salty, soya, tasty!CLASSICSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Vegan
22. Honey DillClassic HD. Honey and dill and mayo, oh my!CLASSICSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Savoury Sweet
23. Sweet ChiliAlmost classic SC, with a little less sweet and a little more chili.CLASSICSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Sweet
24. Chili MapleReal maple syrup combined with red chili flakes and a dash of habanero, makes for a “Bonfire in the Snow!”CLASSICSPICOMETER: medium 4/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Sweet
25. BuffaloFranks Original Red Hot Buffalo Wing Sauce, ‘nuf said.CLASSICSPICOMETER: hot 6/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Spicy
26. SrirachaFrom one of your favourite hot sauce bosses, Frank’s has brought the competition with their NEW Sriracha Sauce!CLASSICSPICOMETER: hot 6/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Spicy
27. Spicy Hot! SpicyAwesomely spicy, but not melt your face off spicy. Unlike a lot of hot sauce, this hot sauce also has real flavour.CLASSICSPICOMETER: hot 9/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Spicy
28. From the BayouAn LBW fave, From the Bayou is a cream based, chipotle oriented sauce.CLASSICSPICOMETER: mild 2/10Gluten FriendlyVegetarian Spicy Savoury
29. Creamy GarlicInspired by a salad dressing, this rich sauce holds an ample amount of garlic flavour and  is topped with a little parm.CLASSICSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Savoury
30. Creamy CajunA luscious blend of cream & creole seasonings with garlic, onion & paprika. A classic New Orleans pasta sauce that’ll kick up your wings but won’t blow your beads off!ORIGINALSPICOMETER: mild 2/10Savoury
32. Oriental BBQSweet and salty with some unique spices, OBBQ is made for stir-fries, but is excellent on LBW Wings.CLASSICSPICOMETER: mild 2/10Vegan Savoury
33. Pineapple CurryA fruity sauce with a curry after flavour, but definitely not too over powering.CLASSICSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Sweet
35. Spicy CaribbeanA very unique wing. With hints of mango, chili, lemon, coriander, and other exotic spices, your taste buds will frenzy!ORIGINALSPICOMETER: medium 4/10Gluten FriendlyVegetarian Spicy
37. Dill PickleThey are tossed together in taste quenching dill juice and garlic and dill seasoning.ORIGINALSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegetarian
38. Astronaut PoutineYou can’t have cheese and gravy in zero grav, so we’ve made the space friendly Poutinerized Wings, just in case!ORIGINALSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegetarian Savoury
41. Mexican MoléA blend of ancho and chipotlé chilies, chocolate, and other complex Mexican flavours.ORIGINALSPICOMETER: medium 4/10Gluten FriendlyVegetarian Savoury
42. Mustard + HerbAn award winning French blend that bosts sharp yellow mustard, fennel, parsley, onion and garlic!ORIGINALSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Savoury
43. Egyptian DukkahA nutty, slightly acidic and spicy blend of Middle Eastern spices.ORIGINALSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Savoury
44. Maple BaconA delicous Canadian combination of flavours, sauced with Real Maple Syrup.ORIGINALSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlySavoury Sweet
45. Hot HoneyAn LBW favourite, it tossed in Honey and Garlic, and drizzled with Spicy Hot!ORIGINALSPICOMETER: hot 6/10Vegetarian Spicy Sweet
46. HDLPTThis wing is a Lemon Pepper Tango wing with Honey Dill drizzled on top!ORIGINALSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegetarian Tangy Sweet
47. Sweet Creamy GarlicAn LBW sandwich signature, this sauce is our Creamy Garlic topped with our Honey and Garlic.ORIGINALSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Savoury Sweet
48. Electric KikA revamped and zingy version of the Electric Honey wing you know and love. (HG+LPT)ORIGINALSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Vegetarian
49. MistressDouble honey!? Shame on you… Honey Dill and Honey Garlic mixed together for a sweet and savoury love triangle of flavour.ORIGINALSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Vegetarian Sweet
50. Sweet Chili TeriyakiYou probably didn’t guess it, but SCT is a double drizzle combo of Sweet Chili and Teriyaki.ORIGINALSPICOMETER: mild 2/10Vegan Spicy Sweet
51. Bayou With BiteFrom The Bayou, with a Drizzle of 3rd Degree Hot Sauce.ORIGINALSPICOMETER: medium 4/10Gluten FriendlyVegetarian Spicy Savoury
52. RemixA splash of lemon kicked up with some Salt, Pepper, and From the Bayou Sauce.ORIGINALSPICOMETER: medium 4/10Gluten FriendlyVegetarian Tangy Sweet
53. Sriracha PineappleThe Bold taste of sriracha, combined with the subtleness of pineapple, with soft hints of curry.ORIGINALSPICOMETER: hot 6/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Spicy Sweet
54. Buff RanchA wing with chizzled out flavour. This wing is first tossed in a light Buffalo Sauce, then drizzled with Ranch Sauce!ORIGINALSPICOMETER: hot 6/10Gluten FriendlyVegetarian Spicy
55. Smokey RanchA beautiful looking wing. She’s drizzled with Ranch Sauce, optional BBQ Sauce then seasoned with Smoldering Smoked Applewood.ORIGINALSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegetarian Smokey
56. Dilly RanchyTossed in Ranch Sauce and a generous dose of fresh tasting Dill Spice.ORIGINALSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegetarian Savoury
58. R U Caribbean ME?!This unique sauce is the best Jerk Sauce we’ve had. With a hint of BBQ and spicy kick, it will not disappoint!ORIGINALSPICOMETER: hot 6/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Spicy Sweet
59. Cilantro LimeFestive set of wings, that pair nicely with cheese sticks and/or tequila! Flavours of honey, cilantro, and lime.ORIGINALSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Vegetarian Savoury Sweet
60. PoutinerizedWings topped with a mozzarella cheese and covered in flavourful brown gravy.GOURMETSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegetarian Cheesy
61. The AlfredWings smothered in alfredo sauce, fresh parmesan, oregano, and a healthy dose of pepper.GOURMETSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten Friendly
62. Not Yo CheeseWings smothered in a Not Yo Cheese, topped with green onions and a sprinkle of chili flakes.GOURMETSPICOMETER: medium 4/10Gluten FriendlyVegetarian Cheesy
63. Butter ChickenIndian inspired curry and tomato sauce, with many more layers of flavour.GOURMETSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegetarian Savoury
64. MexiWings tossed in taco seasoning, then topped with sour cream, shredded cheese, and green onions.GOURMETSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegetarian Cheesy
65. The Almighty ZaOur pizza wings are topped with tomato sauce, pepperoni, bacon, and mushrooms. Then mozzarella cheese is added and torched to perfection.GOURMETSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyCheesy
66. Burger TimeThese wings are tossed in Smoked Out Sweet Mustard and topped with ground beef, bacon, pickles, onions and cheese!GOURMETSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyCheesy
67. TacoA Mexi-fiesta of flavour with nacho cheese sauce, green onions, tomatoes, sour cream, jalapenos and beef on a bed of nacho chips!GOURMETSPICOMETER: mild 2/10Gluten FriendlyCheesy
68. Philly Cheese“In West Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playground is where I ate most of my wings”. Cheesy wings with a medley of steak, fried onions, red peppers and mushrooms.GOURMETSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyCheesy
69. A.N.D.E.A Near Death Experience is covered in 3rd Degree Hot Sauce, habanero, and chili flakes. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART!GOURMETSPICOMETER: death 10/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Spicy
70. A Near Death ZaA fiercely firey, but delicious combination of The All Mighty Za wings and The A.N.D.Es.GOURMETSPICOMETER: death 9/10Gluten FriendlySpicy
75. PestoA full flavour basil Parmesan pesto sauce a top of some world class wings.GOURMETSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Savoury
76. White Truffle ParmRich earthly flavour, Parmesan, and hints of Black Garlic Powder.ORIGINALSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegetarian Savoury
77. Blueberry PancakeMaple and blueberry syrup drizzled on our crispy wings. The ultimate in sweet satisfaction!ORIGINALSPICOMETER: medium 4/10Vegetarian Spicy Sweet
78. Sweet Everything BagelHoney glazed & rubbed in Everything Bagel Seasoning. Sweet, savoury & crispy - Everything you want in a wing!ORIGINALSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Savoury Sweet
79. Honey SrirachaSweet and spicy with a touch of garlic and soy to round the bases for this homerun of Asian flavour!ORIGINALSPICOMETER: hot 6/10Vegetarian Sweet
82. Garlic AioliGarlic and onion slow roasted in olive oil then blended with vegan mayo and cracked pepper!- as close as you’ll get to a Mediterranean cruise in Transcona!ORIGINALSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Vegetarian Savoury
86. Coney Island CoasterA bold and smokey fun park ride of epic flavour with Backyard BBQ drizzled over Smoked Out Sweet Mustard.ORIGINALSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Vegan Smokey
87. Slava Ukraini PerogieAn authentic celebration of Ukranian flavours with white cheddar & dill seasoning, topped with sauteed onions, bacon crumble, sour cream and chopped green onions.GOURMETSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Savoury
88. Coconut CurryCoconut Curry - an exotic blend of aromatic curry mixed with sweet coconut and hints of traditional Indian spices.CLASSICSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Savoury Sweet
89. Shanghai NightsA full bodied Asian blend of zesty orange peel, hot red pepper, robust garlic, rice vinegar and authentic soy sauce.CLASSICSPICOMETER: safe 1/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Savoury
90. Shanghai SizzleShanghai Nights ignited with a drizzle of 3rd degree hot sauce!ORIGINALSPICOMETER: hot 6/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Spicy Savoury
92. Nashville HotAhead by a century in flavor. Fiery spices and savory goodness collide for a taste that's pure Nashville!CLASSICSPICOMETER: hot 6/10Gluten FriendlyVegan Spicy Savoury
94. Chipotle RanchClassic, dry(ish) wings with a fiery kick and cool ranch twist. Get ready for a flavor fusion that'll have you hooked from the first bite.CLASSICSPICOMETER: medium 5/10Vegetarian Spicy
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